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CAMI Health is an organization dedicated to improving the health of women and girls worldwide. With sixteen years of related experience, we address complex global health problems impacting women and their families by building and leading learning networks. As network leader, CAMI Health fosters collaborations, manages knowledge, and sets priorities for action. CAMI Health exemplifies this mechanism serving as Secretariat to the Initiative for MPTs (IMPT), a network built to advance the field of multipurpose prevention technologies, or MPTs. MPTs are an innovative class of products that deliver varied combinations of HIV prevention, other STI prevention, and contraception and have the potential to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide.

Looking ahead, CAMI Health aims to build on this successful learning network model to create programmatic sustainability and continue to advocate for women and girls to live healthy, happy lives. This could include CAMI Health’s expansion into other critical areas supportive of women and girls’ empowerment and sexual and reproductive health.

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Bethany Young Holt

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Advancing the Development and Availability of MPT Products for Those at Highest Unmet Need Around the Globe

The overall goal of this activity is to support the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) Secretariat in its role as the product-neutral coordinator of the MPT field. The IMPT advances the comprehensive sexual and reproductive health of women and girls worldwide by fostering the progress of the MPT field. Given the limited resource landscape and technical complexities that situate the MPT field, the IMPT—with CAMI Health as Secretariat—functions as a product-neutral learning network for the field by facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations, managing MPT-related knowledge, and developing field-wide recommendations.

As Secretariat, CAMI Health specifically aims to: facilitate the strategic planning process for the IMPT and MPT field; optimize collaboration among supporting agencies to support efficient investment decisions; serve as a knowledge manager; facilitate collaboration and information sharing within the IMPT network; and advance a common technical agenda for the MPT field, including conducting gap analyses around priority issues and developing objective tools and guidance for MPT development.

Health Literacy around MPTs and Simultaneous Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies and STIs

CAMI Health believes that the availability of desirable methods that deliver an array of prevention combinations will improve the lives of women and their families worldwide. Our primary project is managing an international network of experts to advance the field of MPTs as Secretariat for the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT). The IMPT advances the development of MPTs to address the interlinked risks of unintended pregnancy and STIs including HIV. It is the central body that funders, developers, and others rely on for objective technical guidance and strategic planning to ensure that MPTs in development are not only clinically efficacious and safe, but also desired, acceptable, and accessible to women and girls worldwide. As a learning network, the IMPT houses MPT relevant news and materials in its comprehensive resource center database to support MPT research, advocacy, and education.

Here's How We're Making a Difference

Forging the Path to Better Reproductive Health Technologies

PHI's CAMI Health is building and leading learning networks to foster collaborations, manage knowledge, and set priority actions for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs).

Since the launch of the Initiative in 2009, PHI's CAMI Health has served as the Secretariat to advance the field of MPTs. It prioritizes the physical, mental, emotional, and socioeconomic health of women and girls worldwide. Looking ahead, CAMI Health aims to apply the learning network model to continue advocating for women and girls so that they can lead happy, healthy lives.

The IMPT network is comprised of members from across disciplines including sexual and reproductive health, has convened technical consultations, presented at domestic and international conferences, and led webinars for a global audience.