Turning great ideas into healthier communities


Center for Civic Partnerships

The Center for Civic Partnerships (CCP) provides leadership and management support to build healthier communities and more effective nonprofit organizations. CCP provides training, technical assistance, and tools, and is the home of the California Healthy Cities and Communities Network which promotes positive physical, social and economic community environments that support the well-being of community members.


AARP Listening Session Protocols

The Center for Civic Partnerships will edit and shape two AARP listening session toolkits into a 90 minute Listening Session protocol.

California Healthy Cities and Communities

The California Healthy Cities and Communities (CHCC) program assists local leaders with developing, implementing and evaluating inclusionary, community-driven programs, policies and plans which address the environmental, social and economic determinants of health. Participants have improved their communities in the areas of safety, aging well, healthier eating and greater physical activity options, leadership development, quality of life tracking and many others.

California Healthy Cities and Communities Network

The California Healthy Cities and Communities (CHCC) Network is a membership program created for groups interested in the principles and practices of the Healthy Cities model. It provides a means of affiliation with the CHCC program and the international Healthy Cities and Communities movement, as well as technical assistance, grants and other resources.

Consulting and Technical Support

The Center for Civic Partnership provides a variety of consulting and technical assistance services to help groups develop, implement and sustain community improvements.  The Center has worked with over 200 cities communities, and organizations in California and across the nation.  Areas of focus include planning, implementation and priority setting; skill building and training; and organizational assessment.

Increase Your Sustainability Odds Training Project

This is a crucial time for sustainability planning as nonprofits face critical program and budget decisions. Sustainability planning includes evaluation, marketing and communications, community engagement, collaborative leadership, and fund development. Over nine months, two in-person training institutes and three webinars will be planned and implemented. All California Wellness Foundation grantees are eligible for the educational offerings.

National Leadership Academy for the Public's Health Coaching Support

The Center for Civic Partnerships leads the coaching support function for this program of PHI's Center for Health Leadership Practice (CHLP). CHLP's National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health offers an innovative approach of bringing together teams of leaders from multiple sectors to actively engage their communities to achieve health equity.

Organizational Learning and Evaluation Conference

This convening is organized for grantees of The California Wellness Foundation to incorporate organizational learning principles, including evaluation, into TCWF grantees' ongoing operations and facilitate the exchange of best practices. The conference enhances the value of individual grants by offering opportunities for knowledge and skills development, peer learning and networking.

Organizational Learning and Evaluation Conference for TCWF Grantees

The Center for Civic Partnerships will develop, implement and evaluate a 1 1/2-day conference on evaluation and organizational learning for participants representing more than 200 grantees from The California Wellness Foundation, to be presented in the Los Angeles area in May 2013.     

Sustainability Training and Showcasing Promising Community-Based Practices

Learning materials support a sustainability assessment tool and companion document designed for Network for a Healthy California-funded partners. Online publications showcase collaborations among health departments, local jurisdictions and other partners designed to ensure healthier food environments through community gardens, corner stores and other local innovations that ensure accessible and affordable healthy food choices.

Here's How We're Making a Difference

Building Stronger Nonprofit Organizations

Close to 90 percent of the over 100 nonprofit executive directors receiving organizational development services from PHI’s Center for Civic Partnerships attributed the services to helping them achieve their top organizational priorities in the year after formal support ended.


Creating Healthier Cities in California

PHI’s Center for Civic Partnerships ran the California Healthy Cities Project (CHCP), the largest and longest running statewide program of its kind in the U.S. CHCP worked with hundreds of local leaders and city governments to improve their communities in the areas of safety, healthy aging, nutrition and physical activity and more. CHCP received the National Coalition Award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 


Helping Organizations Improve their Sustainability and Community Engagement Initiatives

PHI’s Center for Civic Partnerships and Center for Collaborative Planning collaborated together to help build the capacity of California Wellness Foundation grantees in the areas of sustainability, community engagement, policy and advocacy.

Through training institutes and webinars, participants developed their knowledge and skills with peers and were able to return to their organizations with the ideas, tools and inspiration to put into place practices that will benefit and sustain their organizations and the people they serve.