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Alameda County Care Alliance

The Alameda County Care Alliance Advanced Illness Care Program™ (ACCA-AICP) is a faith-based, person-centered, lay care navigation intervention serving predominantly African American adults with advanced illness and their caregivers. The ACCA extends capacity for advanced illness care beyond the traditional health delivery system, bridging the gap between health delivery systems, community organizations and faith-based communities. ACCA care navigators and liaisons come from ACCA churches and address participant needs, provide trusted resources, and empower persons needing advanced illness care and their caregivers in 5 big cornerstones: spiritual, health, advance care planning, social, and caregiving. Originally started with a hub of 5 African American churches, the program has grown to include 12 churches and continues to expand.

Program Director(s)

Cynthia Carter Perrilliat

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Advanced Illness Care Navigation for African American Adults in Faith-Based Settings

This project will expand the program to three additional church communities, enrolling an additional 500 congregants, community members, and family caregivers. This project will also be used to train care navigators and volunteer care ministers, to promote the program through community outreach, and to support ongoing data collection that has provided evidence of the program’s success.

Alameda County Care Alliance (ACCA) Advanced Illness Care Program (AICP)™

The ACCA AICP will serve 650 Persons Needing Advanced Illness Care (PNAIC)/caregivers and position the program for future scale-up and sustainability by 1) refining the intervention and program infrastructure; 2) augmenting program staff training 3) standardizing the training curricula and protocol and; 4) improving the referral process from local providers.

I Choose to Prepare - Tell Your Story

Hosted by the Alameda County Care Alliance Advanced Illness Care Program, the "I Choose to Prepare" event, is a creative approach to opening discussions on advanced care planning for a community-wide audience. Mostly youth and young adults share their talents of dance, spoken word, song, and other creative approaches to the often intense subject matter of advanced directives, but do so in a thoughtful, personal and fun manner. Refreshments and one on one conversations are an important part of the program as well. Various Advanced Directive tools, brochures and access to videos offer important follow-through for making the choice to be prepared.

Refining Advance Care Planning Training and Toolkit Development in the Faith-Based African American Community

Through this project, the ACCA will use a community based participatory research approach to identify and refine aspects of existing Advance Care Planning (ACP) programs and materials (and, as needed to develop new tools and materials), assemble an ACP toolkit and evaluate the effectiveness of ACP toolkit and tools from the perspectives of persons needing care, caregivers, Care Navigators, Pastors and clinicians.