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Public Health Alliance of Southern California

The Public Health Alliance of Southern California is a collaboration of leaders from Southern California local health departments, which are statutorily responsible for the health of over half of California’s population. The Alliance addresses regional chronic disease prevention through upstream multi-sector policy and systems and environmental change. Current priority initiatives include multidisciplinary collaborations advancing transportation; food environments; and healthy community data indicators. The regional approach provides a mobilized, collective public health voice to actively promote the health of all Southern Californian communities.

Program Director(s)

Tracy Delaney

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Advancing Healthy Communities and Equity Across Southern California

To mobilize and amplify the Southern California local health departments' regional voice to effectively advance upstream chronic disease prevention and to reduce health inequities with a focus on multi-sector policy, systems and environmental change.  The program’s collective vision is that "All Southern California communities are healthy, vibrant and sustainable places to live, work and play."

Public Health Alliance of Southern California – Governing for Health Equity

Project will increase the capacity of public health departments in Southern California to learn best practices on governing for racial and health equity.

Public Health Alliance of Southern California – Health Disadvantage Index

Project will provide support for public health stakeholders’ engagement with the California Environmental Protection Agency on next generation improvements to the disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Here's How We're Making a Difference

Mapping Health Disadvantages in California

The 2016 release of the new California Health Disadvantage Index, developed by PHI’s Public Health Alliance of Southern California and health departments across the state, provides census-tract level snapshots of the social determinants of health alongside measures to advance equity at a local level.

The index features a user-friendly interactive mapping tool with key factors to identify populations most vulnerable to poor health outcomes, along with measures to advance equity at a local level. This accessible data may lead to more targeted health interventions in underserved communities.

The Health Disadvantage Index also ranks census tracts statewide, and is a useful tool in prioritizing areas with high levels of social disadvantage. By quickly flagging key metrics, the goal is to help communities and policy makers target limited resources and guide effective on-the-ground actions. Learn more about the tool.