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The nation faces unprecedented health care demands fueled by an aging population, rising rates of chronic disease and persistent health disparities. New technologies have the potential to extend the reach of health professionals while improving quality and efficiency and reducing costs.

PHI stands at the forefront of using technology to transform public health practice. It builds the evidence base for applying digital innovations to public health. PHI’s forward-thinking programs emphasize the value of using innovative technology to improve health, from enabling independent living for the aging to allowing patients to connect remotely with their health care providers.

Supported by a diverse group of funders, PHI offers technical expertise on a broad range of public health technologies and innovations.

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C/Net Solutions

Founded in 1982, C/NET Solutions develops cancer registry software that provides quality data collection, and powerful, reliable, user-friendly abstracting and reporting. C/NET Solutions first distributed its cancer registry software to hospitals in California, then to over 800 facilities across the country through the American College of Surgeons. In 1992 C/NET Solutions launched C/NET, a network-ready software, and began selling it to hospitals and other facilities outside California. CNExT for Windows now serves over 350 cancer registries in over 25 states and provinces across North America.

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California Environmental Health Tracking Program

The California Environmental Health Tracking Program emphasizes the development of spatial analysis and visualization methods that enable state-of-the-art systems for predicting geographically related exposures to environmental hazards and relating those exposures to health indicators.

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CAMI Health

CAMI Health is a global initiative that works to improve sexual and reproductive health prevention strategies, and to develop new multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) that would simultaneously prevent unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other common reproductive infections. CAMI Health provides a platform for bio-tech developers, researchers, advocates and educators to coordinate efforts, spurring innovations that will empower women and adolescents and improve reproductive health.

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Center for Connected Health Policy

The Center for Connected Health Policy develops and advances telehealth policy solutions that promote improvements in health and health care systems by: serrving as a state and national resource on telehealth policy issues; identifying policy barriers through objective research; providing unbiased policy analyses and recommendations; and educating decision makers about telehealth’s optimal role in the evolving health care landscape.

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Center for Innovation and Technology in Public Health

CITPH promotes improved quality of health care, reductions in costs, and improved access to public health services through technology-enabled health solutions.  CITPH is engaged in research, demonstrations, program evaluation, and dissemination of its findings for practice improvement and informing public policy.  CITPH studies and evaluates patient-centered, technology-enabled health care innovations that improve population health, represent cost-effective solutions in low resource settings, and can be deployed on a large scale to drive real systems change. 

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Center for Technology and Aging

The Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) serves as a national resource for the development, implementation, demonstration and evaluation of patient-centered technologies that benefit older adults.  CTA supports the adoption and diffusion of technology-enabled care that is patient-centered, coordinated, efficient and effective.  Center staff identify and evaluate the implementation and adoption of technology-enabled programs, focusing on Mobile Health (mHealth), Remote Patient Monitoring, Care Transitions, and Medication Management, among others.

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Cleaner Cookstoves: Building Global Capacity & Improving Public Health

Exposure to smoke from cooking fires and traditional stoves results in nearly 2 million premature deaths each year, predominantly among women and children. The adoption of cleaner stoves and fuels will not only save lives but also reduce rapid erosion of natural resources. This grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focuses on improving clean cookstove design and building demand for this new technology. The program supports field work in Kenya, Guatemala and India, and contributes to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in Washington, D.C.. The award is administered through PHI's Center for Public Health and Climate Change, which is working to address the health impacts of climate change.

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Clinical Trial Quest

Clinical Trial Quest's mission is to expand access to clinical trial participation by empowering and encouraging discussions between patients and healthcare providers. We believe that by having more community healthcare providers and more diverse patient populations (minorities, women, elderly and socioeconomically disadvantaged patients) participating in clinical trials we can increase the speed of innovation, help the medical community better understand how medicines work in different populations, and both support and improve the quality of care in community healthcare settings.

To accomplish our goals we are developing an educational platform and portfolio of engagement tools. Our platform includes a proprietary database and user interface that will provide patients, caregivers and healthcare providers with accessible, scientifically rigorous and actionable information about clinical trials and standard of care treatments curated from a variety of sources to insure inclusion of the latest information about emerging treatments. Information will be customized to each user audience in a manner currently unavailable to patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

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Dialogue4Health (D4H), a project of PHI, is a community that conceives, builds and shares strategies to improve the public's health. D4H partners with local, national and global organizations to host Web Forums and share critical resources. 

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Public Health Data Solutions

Data is the foundation of sound decision making, especially when tackling complex health issues. Organizations have literally hundreds of thousands of data points available to them, from publicly available data to their own in-house information. Capturing those numbers and translating them into a meaningful story is challenging. Public Health Data Solutions (PHDS) harnesses powerful online technologies that allow organizations to easily collect, manage and share data. PHI leverages decades of experience in improving health outcomes to help clients identify which tools and technologies will provide the greatest impact, integrate these custom solutions into their work and bring their data to life. Read the overview.

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Public Health Trust

The Public Health Trust (PHT) works with private attorneys, government agencies and public health organizations interested in using litigation settlement funds to improve public health. PHT manages settlement funds with a focus on transparency and accountability. PHT grantees address a wide range of public health issues from marketing of food, tobacco products, exposure to toxic substances, medication access, and air and water quality.

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