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Global Health Fellows Program II

The Global Health Fellows Program II (GHFP-II), led by the Public Health Institute, seeks to improve the effectiveness of USAID's population, health and nutrition programs overseas by developing and increasing the capacity of health professionals. GHFP-II helps USAID address its immediate and emerging human capital needs by developing a diverse group of global health professionals to support and sustain the effectiveness of the Agency's current and future health programs.

Program Director(s)

Sharon Rudy

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Developing the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders

Photo credit: Global Health Fellows Program II, Communications, Outreach, and Diversity

Since 2007, hundreds of public health professionals recruited, placed and supported by PHI’s Global Health Fellows Program I & II have worked around the globe in critical U.S. Agency for International Development programs in HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal and child health, and more.




Diversifying the Global Health Workforce

In 2015, PHI's Global Health Fellows Program II surveyed 49 global health project directors about their hiring practices. The results were published in the Annals of Global Health to highlight education gaps and the steps needed to prepare students for a successful career in global health.

Learn more with GHFP-II's Closing the Gaps infographic.


Implementing Public Health Programs Around the Globe

Photo credit: Global Health Fellows Program II, Communications, Outreach, and Diversity
Photo credit: Global Health Fellows Program II, Communications, Outreach, and Diversity

PHI operates the Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) II, a worldwide, $40 million/year initiative in partnership with USAID. PHI’s robust but nimble infrastructure and operations allowed it to successfully roll out GHFP-I, and then successfully rebid in 2011 when the next phase, GHFP-II, called for more robust internal systems.




Integrating Corporate Expertise into Global Health







PHI's Global Health Fellows Program II (GHFP-II) partners with PYXERA Global to link corporate expertise into USAID’s strategy to create new synergies to address complex global health challenges.

PYXERA Global places highly-skilled private sector employees in short-term pro bono international assignments to further advance progress in key areas of global health. This utilizes the knowledge of the corporate volunteer and allows for cross sector perspectives to be shared and innovation inspired. To date, PYXERA Global has helped GHFP-II assess and execute nearly 30 projects in maternal and child health, family planning, reproductive health and more. 

Partnering to Host the First Global Health Youth Summit

What does global health and mentorship by USAID - US Agency for International Development staff mean to a 17-year old? In the summer of 2016, PHI's Global Health Fellows Program II and complementary partner FACES for the Future brought 12 diverse, underserved high school students from California to Washington, DC to explore careers in global health through the inaugural Global Health Youth Summit (GHYS). Watch GHYS scholar George D. as he takes us through his journey to the summit, and explore the impact the experience had on his career aspirations.