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PHI's Alcohol Research Group Uncovers Disparities Across the Lifecourse

March 24, 2017 | Alcohol Research Group

A recent study from PHI's Alcohol Research Group's Nina Mulia and colleagues assessed long-term heavy drinking patterns of racial/ethnic groups and found some surprising results. Consistent with other studies, their research showed a significant decline in White men and women’s heavy drinking in their 20’s while Black men and women’s drinking increased during the same period. The study team defined heavy drinking as having six or more drinks on one occasion.

What the research team did not expect to find was a crossover in the frequency of heavy drinking between Latino and White men, and Black and White women who ever drank heavily. Both Latino men and Black women drink less in their early twenties than their White counterparts, but that pattern changes when they reach their late twenties.  more

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Press Releases

Maternal Smoking and Exposure to PCB Chemical Linked to Low Birth Weight

March 24, 2017

Women who were exposed to higher levels of a toxic byproduct of a common PCB chemical and who also smoked during pregnancy had babies with significantly lower birth weight, according to a new study from the Public Health Institute published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology. This is the first-ever human study on the impacts of exposure to PCB byproducts—known as hydroxylated polychlorinated biphenyls (OH-PCBs)—during pregnancy.  more

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A Blueprint for American Decline: PHI Statement on White House Budget Proposal

March 16, 2017

Slashing funding for key agencies such as NIH, HHS, EPA, USDA, the state department and USAID undermines the foundation of what keeps America healthy and secure— science and research on critical issues like cancer, programs that aid the vulnerable, and public health infrastructure and global investments in health that provide stability and security here at home.  more

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Announcements & Events

PHI's Sue Grinnell to Present at Community Agency & Health Symposium

March 21, 2017

Register for the Community Agency & Health Symposium to learn how fostering community agency is key to the future of health, and fundamental to sustainable and equitable communities. Hear from innovators building inclusive partnerships between the health sector and local communities, uderstand the challenge, explore two case studies, and get practical tips through six breakouts, one of which features Sue Grinnell, Director of Business Strategy and Technology at Public Health Institute's Population Health Innovation Lab.  more

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PHI in the News

Photo: Tyler Hoff

California policymakers must pay more attention to infants and toddlers, advocates say

March 03, 2017 | Ashley Hopkinson | EdSource

According to a PHI survey, 46.7 percent of California’s parents and caregivers experienced trauma as a child, which can have lasting effects on a caregiver’s health, behavior and well-being. This finding was cited in a new report highlighted in this EdSource article outlining policy goals and guidelines to better serve California’s infants and toddlers.  more

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