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Health Anchor Institutions Investing in Community Land and Housing

October 15, 2018 | Bich Ha Pham and Jarrid Green

The city of Richmond, Virginia has some of the most concentrated poverty in the country. Richmond has high unemployment and poverty rates of 40 percent or above in its East End neighborhoods, which includes Church Hill North and has a majority African American racial makeup (92 percent). In the East End, life expectancy rates are lower than in the City as a whole, and in fact, in some of these neighborhoods, residents can expect to live 10 to 15 years less than people in other areas of Richmond. Additionally, the East End is said to have the largest concentration of public housing between Washington DC and Atlanta, and only a small percentage of residents are homeowners.

In this blog, originally posted by PHI's Build Healthy Places Network, guest contributors Bich Ha Pham and Jarrid Green of the Democracy Collaborative explore how anchor institutions are investing to support community control of land and housing.   more

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Press Releases

Greater Access to Liquor Stores Linked to Higher Rates of Violent Crime

September 26, 2018

A 10% increase in access to alcohol outlets was significantly associated with a 4.2% rise in violent crime in Baltimore, MD, a new study from ARG postdoctoral fellow Pamela Trangenstein found. Trangenstein and her team from Johns Hopkins also assessed whether the type of outlet made a difference, with results showing that greater access to off-site outlets was associated with a 4.4% increase in violent crime compared to 3% for on-site. This is the first ecologic study in the U.S. to use spatial access methods to compare on- and off-site outlets.  more

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"Climate change impacts are not contained by boundaries—nor are its solutions."

September 10, 2018

"Governor Jerry Brown today cemented California’s role as a global leader in the quest to reign in climate change and protect the health of the world and its residents, by signing into law Senate Bill 100, which sets a 100% clean electricity goal for the state by 2045, and issuing a new target to achieve carbon neutrality by the same year. PHI applauds the state, Governor Brown, and SB 100 sponsor Senator Kevin de León for their vision and international leadership."  more

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Announcements & Events

Study: Family Nutrition and Eating Habits in the Bay Area

September 19, 2018

The Public Health Institute, supported by the National Institutes of Health, is conducting a project on family nutrition and eating habits in the Bay Area. The project will provide important information for guiding programs and policy on family nutrition and health issues.

For questions about the study, or if you are a participant who needs to update your contact information, you can reach the project director at the Public Health Institute, Dr. Lynn Silver, at 510-285-5740.  more

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PHI in the News

Seniors: Arthritis, Depression … and Cannabis

October 12, 2018 | Chris Conrad | The Leaf Online

The link between depression, arthritis, and cannabis is part of the generational turn-around that could lead to greater margins of victory for cannabis at the election polls. Research by PHI's Alcohol Research Group was quoted that assessed trends in marijuana use between the years 1984 and 2015. Authors reported that, compared with older Americans 30 years ago, older respondents today are some 20 times more likely to acknowledge using cannabis. This suggests the stigma of cannabis from drug war propaganda has been eroded and education is reaching seniors. “We found that rates of use among older groups increased quite significantly since the 1980s, especially for men in their fifties and sixties,” the study’s lead author stated in a press release. Their finding is consistent with those of other studies reporting upticks in cannabis use by seniors.  more

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