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PHI Affirms Historic Supreme Court Decision Upholding Abortion Access

June 27, 2016

Statement from the Public Health Institute


The Public Health Institute overwhelmingly supports today’s historic Supreme Court decision upholding a woman’s right to access abortion in the US.


The court’s decision affirms that the proposed severe regulatory restrictions on doctors and clinics that perform abortions would have created an "undue burden on abortion access." Proposed restrictions held the potential to close clinics completely in a area of the state the size of California—which would potentially put women’s lives and health at risk, as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg noted.


Texas legislators tried to use women’s health as the excuse for the restrictive regulations, yet clinical abortions are safer than childbirth. The court saw through the fallacy, and reaffirmed—in their strongest pro-choice ruling since Roe vs Wade—that women in the United States don’t just have a constitutional right to choose abortion, but should be free of undue restrictions that limit their logistical ability to access clinics where they live.


The right to choose and access abortion is a critical component of women’s sexual and reproductive health. Choosing how, when and if to have children is pivotal for women’s independence, equality and economic stability around the world.