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A Blueprint for American Decline: PHI Statement on White House Budget Proposal

March 16, 2017



Today’s White House budget proposal threatens health and lives, increasing defense spending on the backs of the American people at the expense of innovation, our commitments abroad, and our nation’s health. We cannot support it.


Slashing funding for key agencies such as NIH, HHS, EPA, USDA, the state department and USAID undermines the foundation of what keeps America healthy and secure—science and research on critical issues like cancer and climate change, programs that aid the vulnerable, and public health infrastructure and global investments in health that provide stability and security here at home.


PHI supports improving government, promoting efficiency and doing a better job to address the needs of communities that have been left behind. However, this plan could actually undermine efficiency and good government. Coupled with the drastic reductions in health coverage and elimination of the Prevention and Public Health Fund proposed by the house health care legislation earlier this week, this proposal posits a future where we have lost the capacity to respond to basic health concerns. 


Presidential budgets are meant to outline administrative priorities but the real responsibility for enactment lies with our senate and house legislators. We call on them to exercise sound judgment and compassion as they determine the priorities of the federal government in the coming weeks, rather than steering the country down this precipitous path. We are confident that leaders of both parties in Congress will reject the White Houses proposal released today.