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“A Perilous Course.” Public Health Institute Statement on U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Accord

June 01, 2017


"Climate change is perhaps the most important public health issue of our time. Aggressive, unilateral and mutual action is urgently needed to protect our people and our planet. The U.S. President’s decision today to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is a mistake that, if not quickly undone, puts the entire world on a perilous course.

"There are no nations or boundaries when it comes to climate change: we are one people working to ensure future generations can live and survive on a healthy planet. In fact, climate change is one of the few issues that has united virtually every country around the globe—transcending political, cultural and regional differences.

"The Public Health Institute and its Center for Climate Change and Health have sounded the alarm on the present impacts of climate change on health, and stood alongside global, federal, state and local partners across the country who are taking action to protect their communities. PHI testimony and research helped California pass the most progressive and aggressive climate change bills in the country.

"PHI’s home state of California is the sixth biggest economy in the world, with higher job growth than much of the country—and its commitment to renewable, clean energy is one of the reasons why. California will continue to advance policies and practices for a healthier planet, economy and people. So will our partners around the world. The Public Health Institute will continue to stand with them and oppose the President’s action to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord."