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This Summer Recess, Make Your Issues Local: Take Action With PHI's CA4Health

July 20, 2017

For many, the start of summer is synonymous with the end of school and the beginning of a coveted summer break—but what we sometimes forget is that our legislators are also “out of school” for the summer during a period referred to as “Summer Recess.” Each summer for roughly one month our representatives in the state and federal legislatures leave the capital and return home to their districts. While this time is not necessarily full of family road trips or trips to camp, it’s still an exciting opportunity for our fellow advocates who want more convenient opportunities to meet with their representatives.

We know that meeting with our representatives is an important advocacy strategy, but we don’t always have the time and resources to visit them in Sacramento or Washington D.C. Summer Recess is a key opportunity to schedule meetings with our representatives at their District Offices and form relationships with them and their local staff. 

PHI's CA4Health is committed to supporting you and your community partners in holding meetings with your representatives to share your stories, solicit support for your priority issues, and build capacity for new advocates. Learn more with our tips and resources.


What is Summer Recess?

Each year, our representatives take periodic breaks from their work in the capital and return to their home districts for short recesses. During summer, State representatives typically adjourn for 1 month starting in July and Federal representatives are typically in recess during the month of August.

This summer, California state representatives will adjourn July 21st, heading back to their home districts and returning to Sacramento on August 21st. Federal representatives will adjourn July 31st, returning to Washington D.C. on September 5th.


Why Visit the District Offices?

Meeting with your representatives is an important advocacy strategy—being face-to-face with legislators or their staff allows them to learn about your first-hand experiences and perspectives as a member of the community they serve. District meetings are a great way to meet with representatives in our communities, and form relationships with their local staff. While district meetings are useful any time of year, summer recess is a window of opportunity to more easily engage and coordinate across our neighborhoods and districts.


Getting Started

CA4Health has developed materials to get you ready for Summer Recess. Learn more:

Read the updated Overview and “How to” guide for tips on how to prepare for and host a successful in-district visit with legislators.

Read the updated Overview and “How to” guide for tips on how to prepare for and host a successful in-district visit with legislators.

See the Tips and Troubleshooting guide, for additional answers to commonly asked questions.

See the Tips and Troubleshooting guide, for additional answers to commonly asked questions.


Capturing the Movement Across California

Whether you need assistance with navigating the process, or you are well on your way to setting up a meeting on your own, CA4Health wants to capture our movement across California! Let us know what you are planning for Summer Recess: tweet us at @ca4health on Twitter, or connect with our policy staff, Kristania De Leon, at krdeleon@phi.org.