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"You kept your voices loud and led with your hearts": PHI Statement on Senate Vote Against ACA Repeal

July 28, 2017


"PHI applauds the courageous senators who last night listened to doctors, health care and public health providers, insurers, and most importantly the majority of the American people, and cast their votes to keep healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

"Throughout the week and culminating early Friday morning, senators voted down multiple bad bills that would have wrested healthcare away from millions and gutted the Prevention and Public Health Fund. Every no vote was important and critical, and we offer a special recognition to Senators Collins and Murkowski, who stood strong and consistent against great pressure, Senator McCain, who rallied to provide a deciding vote, and senate Democrats who remained opposed throughout this process. We also want to thank Senator Blumenthal and the twenty senators that supported his motion to protect the Prevention Fund during the debate process. We look forward to participating in and supporting continued bipartisan efforts to improve and strengthen our healthcare system.

"The Public Health Institute has supported many policies over the years, but we have never seen such an outpouring of support and advocacy from our public health partners, network and allies as we have over the past weeks. From letters to emails, social media shares to phone calls, our community took tens of thousands of actions on behalf of their own health and to protect the health and wellbeing of people they may never know. As grateful as we are to our elected officials, we are most grateful to our friends, partners and colleagues who kept their voices loud and led with their hearts."