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100 Percent Renewables: For a Healthful California

August 07, 2017 | Napa Valley Register

"If we want a healthy California, it’s time to embrace a 100 percent renewable energy future. Senate Bill 100 — which will be up for a vote in the state legislature shortly after the summer recess — would do just that.

"Climate change is the greatest health challenge of this century, according to the Lancet Commission it is a medical emergency. While the health impacts of climate change affect us all, they disproportionately affect the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Climate change threatens the systems on which human life depends — our air, water, food, shelter, and security.

"Our energy system is one of the biggest sources of climate pollution. So, the faster we transition from the dirty energy sources of the past to clean, renewable energy, the better able we will be to protect our communities from large-scale climate catastrophe (think coastal flooding, extreme heat, wildfires and storms, and widespread food and water shortages)."

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