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PHI Partner, CACHI, Expands New Health System Model to 15 Communities

September 26, 2017

Too many people across our state are in poor health and living under harmful conditions. Responding to these challenges requires us to redefine how our health system operates. We can no longer continue to place all of the responsibility on hospitals, health plans, and doctors to keep us well.

That’s why leaders across California are working in their local communities on a new comprehensive approach that brings a variety of local stakeholders, such as health plans, public health, city government, and hospitals together to improve the health and wellbeing of their residents.

PHI partnered with the State of California along with several other funders in 2016 to launch an ambitious effort, The California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI), which aims to modernize our health system, building on the Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) model.

CACHI is supporting the implementation of a groundbreaking model that brings together clinical providers with public health departments, schools, social service agencies, community organizations, and others. Collectively, they hope to improve critical health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, trauma, and promote greater health equity.

CACHI has expanded to 15 communities throughout California, to involve local communities in Southern California, the Central Valley, and Northern California. Each partner brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to change the environments that people live in, and will work together to address the root causes of health and inequities where they live. Napa County will focus on access to healthy food, for instance, while Humboldt County will look at substance abuse issues.

PHI’s Population Health Innovation Lab, led by Sue Grinnell, will be providing coaching, webinars and convenings with an additional nine communities, called Accelerator sites. These nine locations will build a pipeline of communities ready to implement CACHI best-practices where they live.

Building a healthier California will only happen if we do it together, and CACHI is expanding and modernizing the way we think about what a health system is and does.

Visit CACHI’s new website, www.cachi.org to learn more about these communities, who’s involved with their efforts and what health issues they are addressing.