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"Recipes for health disasters." PHI Statement on Congressional Tax-Reform Proposals

November 15, 2017



"The house and senate are currently considering different versions of a tax-reform plan that they intend to reconcile and move forward on. There is no compromise: both versions are bad for the health and welfare of the American people.


"The proposed plans benefit high-income and high-wealth individuals while burdening low- and middle-income households. Cutting the take-home pay of families, eliminating credits for education and  adoption and reducing the future supply of affordable housing impact critical factors that support health. Education, healthy housing, fresh foods and preventative care are all tied to affordability and access. 


"Furthermore, repealing the individual mandate to pay for tax cuts for top earners would result in 13 million more uninsured Americans over the next decade and increase individual market premiums by 10 percent. More uninsured Americans means more illness, disease, suffering and higher health care costs.


"The tax bills are also projected to increase the deficit, which will have negative effects on the federal budget and serious consequences for funding levels for public health agencies. They would also trigger automatic across the board cuts to key programs, including the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which is currently 12% of CDCs entire budget.


"These are not tax plans, they are recipes for health disasters. A federal foundation that includes livable wages bolstered by supportive services, including public health infrastructure and affordable housing will make all Americans healthier and wealthier."