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Meet the intrepid doctors and scientists who are viewed as the ‘Zena warrior princesses of women’s health’

November 30, 2017 | Pamela M. Norick | The New York Times

"This past summer, Everlyne Ombati, an intrepid researcher with the Kenyan Medical Research Institute, trekked five times through the dilapidated slums outside the nation’s capital of Nairobi, dodging trash, raw sewage and stray dogs, to do her heart’s work: talk to women and girls about preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and introduce them to the work of researchers trying to create two-for-one products that could do both."

An article in the New York Times Women in the World section highlights the network of women scientists, experts, health advocates and innovators developing Multipurpose Prevention Technologies, and features Bethany Young Holt, head of PHI's CAMI Health: “The science is there to prevent unintended pregnancies and many sexually transmitted infections, but the art of combining them into one product that women will want to use hasn’t yet been realized,” says Young Holt.


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