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Climate Changes Health: Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday

November 27, 2018 | Matthew Marsom

Dear friends,

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day that is centered around giving back to our communities. Nothing will make more of a difference to every single person, across the planet, than helping to stop the urgent crisis of climate change.

Last week the federal government released a devastating report on the coming impacts of climate change. It is predicted to degrade the quality and quantity of crop production; disrupt availability of fresh water; and cause changes in air quality, disease spread and migration. Meanwhile our federal government is rolling back the policies that are supposed to help.

My colleague Dr. Linda Rudolph is doing everything in her power to make a difference.

That's Linda on her bike in the photo. She rides it everywhere, has stopped eating meat, and lives by the "reduce reuse recycle" motto—because these are all things she can do personally to lessen the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. 

Of course, Linda also knows that the biggest impacts on climate change come not from our personal choices, but by changing policies and systems to hold our biggest polluters accountable, which is why she heads our Center for Climate Change and Health. That's also Linda in the photo below, testifying in front of California's legislature to support some of the strongest climate change bills in the country. (They passed. And I'm pretty sure she also rode her bike to the hearing that day.)

Can you make a donation to support the work of Linda and the Center for Climate Change and Health? For today only, make a donation to PHI on Facebook and your donations will be automatically doubled, thanks to a generous matching grant.

Help make a difference:

Linda is focusing where real changes can be felt fast, by those who need it most. She is training doctors to talk about the impacts of climate change on health—with their patients AND their legislators. She is giving local health departments across the country (even where they aren't allowed to use the words 'climate change') concrete steps that they can take to make sure seniors can access cooling centers during heatwaves, tiny kids can breathe fresh air, and our poorest communities aren't forced to bear the worst burdens of rising waters and raging fires.

She gives back every day. Can you give her a hand? Climate change doesn't recognize geographic boundaries, and your donation can make sure that Linda and her program can keep doing the work she does. For all of us. Make a donation to PHI today on Facebook to double your impact (or you can also donate on our website). Thank you.

Matthew Marsom

Vice President of Programs and Public Policy