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Flipping the Table: Honest Conversations About Food, Farming and the Future

March 13, 2019

The production of food does more to damage the planet’s health than any other human activity. Global warming, degradation of species, soil, water, air and rural economies and epidemics of diet-related disease reveal the challenges.

And yet there is real hope. Visionaries and revolutionaries are innovating to replace the harmful. They are creating or supporting agriculture and food enterprises that solve our many challenges.

Hosted by PHI's Michael R. Dimock, director of our Roots of Change program and renowned good food movement pioneer, Flipping the Table is a new podcast featuring dynamic and enlightening conversations with the people who are flipping the table to create new ways to feed the world. 

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In the latest episode, host Michael R. Dimock sits down for an honest and wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Howard-Yana Shapiro, Chief Scientific Officer of Mars Incorporated and co-founder of the organic seed and food company Seeds of Change. They cover everything from uncommon collaborations meant to create resilient food and agricultural systems, corporate responsibility, CRISPR, orphan crops in Africa and nitrogen fixing corn in Mexico. Listen now.

Past guests have included Naomi Starkman, the founder of Civil Eats; Anya Fernald, CEO of Bel Campo Meat Company; and Miakoda Taylor, founder of Fierce Allies. Browse the archives.