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New Report Details How Extreme Heat will Affect the Bay Area

July 16, 2019 | Hosted by Michael Krasny | KQED Forum

Climate Change & Health: Impacts of Extreme HeatIf we don't act on climate change now, in about 50 years San Francisco could see as many as 30 above-90-degree days annually, according to a new report. Forum talks about the report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, how Bay Area temperatures will likely change in coming decades and the health impacts of extreme heat. Featuring PHI's Dr. Linda Rudolph.



Dr. Kristina Dahl, senior climate scientist, Climate and Energy program, Union of Concerned Scientists; lead author "Killer Heat" report

Molly Peterson, science reporter, KQED News

Linda Rudolph, senior advisor on climate change and health, Public Health Institute

Listen to the discussion on KQED Forum

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