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Mercy Medical Center Redding leads the fight against opioid epidemic through new program

November 06, 2019 | Meaghan Mackey | KRCR News

REDDING, Calif. — Mercy Medical Center in Redding is leading the fight against opioid epidemic through a new program they've started with the Redding Rancheria.

The program identifies patients who come into Mercy Medical Center's emergency room who are suffering from an overdose or who are experiencing withdrawal.

Once the patient is identified, they are connected with a Patient Coordinator in the emergency room who walks them through the treatment process if they want to get help.

A doctor in the emergency department will prescribe buprenorphine, a drug that is a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone, and is used to treat opioid dependence.

Then, the patient will be immediately connected with an outpatient treatment facility at the Redding Rancheria to get the help they need.

Read the full article or see the video on the Redding Rancheria, which is part of PHI's California Bridge Program to develop hospitals and emergency rooms into primary access points for the treatment of acute symptoms of substance use disorders.

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