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A Blueprint for American Decline: PHI Statement on White House Budget Proposal

March 16, 2017

Slashing funding for key agencies such as NIH, HHS, EPA, USDA, the state department and USAID undermines the foundation of what keeps America healthy and secure—science and research on critical issues like cancer, programs that aid the vulnerable, and public health infrastructure and global investments in health that provide stability and security here at home.  more

Neither Health, Nor Care: PHI Statement on CBO Scoring of House Health Care Proposal

March 13, 2017

"Today’s scoring by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirms what doctors, hospitals, public health organizations and the American public know: the proposed Republican 'health care' plan does not promote health, or care, for many Americans."  more

"Untenable": PHI Statement on House Health Care Proposal

March 07, 2017

"PHI is strongly opposed to the health care ‘replacement’ plan put forward by the House this week. Quite simply, it puts the health and security of the United States at risk. Access to affordable healthcare, prevention, and solid public health infrastructure are critical components of the stability and health of our country. They are now in jeopardy."  more

PHI Statement on Efforts to Repeal ACA

January 10, 2017

The Public Health Institute strongly opposes any efforts to repeal or weaken the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The nation's landmark health law strengthens, supports and improves public health and health infrastructure across the country. Read the statement from PHI President and CEO Mary Pittman.  more

Statement on Cuts to Prevention Fund for Cures Act

December 12, 2016

"Earlier this month, Congress approved the 21st Century Cures Act, a large-scale piece of legislation that aims to speed the recovery of cures for deadly diseases. Although the Public Health Institute is fully supportive of many aspects of the bill, we are disheartened that yet again investments in public health are put last."  more

PHI Statement on 2016 Elections

November 15, 2016

As the president of an organization whose work and values are centered on health and equity, I am devastated and deeply concerned by the rhetoric and actions of racism, intolerance and violence that led up to and have grown louder in the aftermath of last week’s election. Bigotry, hatred and intolerance do not build health nor foster equity; division does not lead to growth and strength.  more

PHI Statement on the 2016 Bay Area Soda Tax Initiatives

November 08, 2016

The writing is on the wall. Voters will no longer tolerate the devastating impact sugar sweetened beverages on their loved ones and communities.  PHI was proud to join a broad coalition of organizations and individuals from all walks of life from the three Bay Area communities in supporting these measures. Their dedication bore fruit today.  more

PHI Statement on the Passage of SB 32

September 08, 2016

The Public Health Institute and its Center for Climate Change and Health applaud the landmark passage of SB 32, the most progressive climate bill in the country, signed into law today by Governor Brown.   more

PHI Disappointed in House Cuts to Public Health Infrastructure

July 07, 2016

The Public Health Institute expresses our disappointment with the FY 2017 House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill that passed the Subcommittee by voice vote on July 7th.  While there are some positives, such as increased NIH funding, the bill makes substantial cuts to significant programs needed to improve the public’s health.  more

PHI Statement on the Passage of Philadelphia SSB Tax

June 16, 2016

The Public Health Institute enthusiastically congratulates the city of Philadelphia for its hard-fought but ultimately winning effort to pass a sugar-sweetened beverage tax. The city will impose a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on distributors of sugar-sweetened beverages, as well as diet beverages, and use the funds to expand pre-kindergarten and improve parks, recreation centers, and libraries.  more

"We are better than this" PHI statement on gun violence in Orlando

June 13, 2016

The Public Health Institute condemns Sunday's mass shooting of 49 gays and lesbians, mostly people of color, in Orlando, Florida, and joins the majority of Americans in calling for immediate changes that strengthen gun safety laws and better protect the American public from gun violence. Every day we wait, we sacrifice more lives.  more

Public Health Institute Statement of Support for New Sodium Reduction Targets

June 01, 2016

PHI applauds today’s announcement of draft guidance for the first federal targets for voluntary reductions of salt in processed and restaurant foods. The guidance offers two and ten year targets for sodium reduction in a wide range of food categories. Excess salt intake is a key contributing factor to high blood pressure and stroke, the leading cause of death in the United States. This is an important first step for our country.     more

"Consumers want to know what’s in their food": Statement on Nutrition Facts Panel

May 20, 2016

"The Public Health Institute and PHI’s California Project LEAN applaud today’s announcement by the FDA and First Lady Michelle Obama of changes in the Nutrition Facts Panels. Consumers want to know what’s in their food and how it contributes or detracts from their health. Today’s announcement from the FDA is a major step in giving consumers the power and knowledge to make the best decisions for themselves and their families."  more

"Vital and Urgent" for G7 Nations to Phase Out Coal

May 18, 2016

The Public Health Institute and its Center for Climate Change and Health join health professionals around the world today in calling for all G7 nations to aggressively move away from coal-fired electricity.

We urge strong action not just at an international or national level, but also statewide in California and in our home base of Oakland. Shifting away from coal-fired power as quickly as possible is vital and urgent—to protect us from the long term impacts of catastrophic climate change, and to protect our health today from coal air pollution.  more

Prevention Fund, Zika Response Must Both be Resourced

May 13, 2016

The Public Health Institute (PHI) stands in strong opposition to using any portion of the Prevention and Public Health Fund (Prevention Fund) as an offset for emergency supplemental funding to address the Zika virus.

Although PHI is fully supportive of the highest possible level of supplemental funds to respond to the Zika virus, we are opposed to efforts that simultaneously undermine critical services and prevention programs supporting communities and at-risk populations. Using prevention money to pay for emergencies is contrary to creating a whole and functioning public health infrastructure and only compounds the problemputting our nation’s health and safety at an even greater risk.  more

PHI Statement on New Tobacco Restrictions

May 05, 2016

The Public Health Institute applauds action taken by the federal government and the State of California to tackle the public health harm of tobacco use, which continues to be one of the biggest causes of chronic disease and premature death in the United States.

The federal government, Governor Brown and California legislators chose to protect the public’s health rather than pander to big tobacco companies. Their actions will save thousands of lives. We hope other states and local jurisdictions will follow their lead.   more

PHI Statement on Oakland SSB Excise Tax

May 04, 2016

It is time that big beverage companies dip into their millions of dollars of profits and help pay for the damage their products cause. The health impact fund generated through the excise tax will help balance the scale by bringing much needed resources to the schools and communities that need it most.

PHI is proud to endorse the Oakland distributor excise tax. We believe in the power of Oakland’s community members to win this fight, in spite of the millions of dollars that the beverage company will pour into this initiative. PHI will be standing and fighting right alongside Oakland.  more

PHI Renews Call for Action on Climate Change

April 04, 2016

We need action at all levels of government, from every sector, and in communities. We must clean up major sources of carbon pollution, including power plants, cars, and trucks--while at the same time, ensuring that communities are given the tools and resources necessary to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of our changing climate.    more

New 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines Make Some Progress but Fall Short On Meat Recommendation and Importance of Sustainability

January 08, 2016

The Public Health Institute welcomes the strong 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released on January 7 by the United States Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. The guidelines serve as one of the most important science-based tools the American public has to advise on maintaining healthy eating, and underpin many of the nation’s food policies.  Because of that role, they should not bend to politics or pressure.  more

PHI Statement on Paris Climate Change Agreement

December 14, 2015

“The Public Health Institute welcomes the historic and ambitious agreement on climate change carved out by world leaders of 195 countries at the COP21 meeting in Paris. 

"The path has been laid out, now we must begin the important work to implement the agreement. Leaders must now hold themselves steady to the course, and accountable to their commitments. And we need to continue to push our leaders, and ourselves, to reach even further: every action to reduce or mitigate climate change is also an opportunity to build better health and equity."  more

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