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Elizabeth Emerson, MA


Elizabeth Emerson is co-investigator of the Health Spectrum Program and the Smoke-Free International Program. She received the Humanitarian of the Year for Children's Rights award from the Human Rights Commission and Congressional Commendation from Rep. Lynn Woolsey as well as the American Cancer Society Best Collaborator award.

She has presented on public health policy development on five continents and has co-authored public heath policy guides that are used as training tools in over 20 countries. Her guides and training programs also address leadership resiliency during challenging times. Emerson was a Ford Fellow at the Advocacy Institute in Washington, D.C.

While she continues to assist local smoke-free housing and healthy neighborhood store campaigns, Emerson and Theo Tsoukalas are currently developing a new program to help local elected officials gain awareness of public health issues through an educated focus on improving their own health and personal resilience.   

Emerson currently provides trainings and technical assistance on public health policy development, implementation, and enforcement for the local level. She also teaches "Holistic Management of Fatigue and Anxiety" for the University of California EC Student Wellness Program. She has a private surgery coaching practice to reduce surgery-related anxiety and has authored a practical guide on preparation and recovery from surgery.


California Tobacco-Free Hospital Project

California Tobacco-Free Hospital Project: Provide smoke-free hospital campus policy implementation, including referral of patients and employees that smoke, as well as institutionalizing hospital treatment protocols to comply with new Joint Commission Hospital Standards for Treatment of Tobacco Measures, released July 2011.

Legislator's Personal Effectiveness Program

The Legislator's Personal Effectiveness Program for local elected officials (especially women legislators) teaches legislators to cope effectively with life-work balance, stress and fatigue while serving in public office.

Master Settlement Agreement Research

Master Settlement Agreement Research: Ongoing research and updates for PHI publication funded by California Wellness Foundation: Increasing Local Funding Options for Disease Prevention Programs in California (located on PHI website Resources link: http://www.phi.org/resource_library/

Smoke-Free International Program

This project provides global training programs and policy guides that focus on campaigns, implementation and enforcement of smoke-free laws. Guides include self care practices for advocates and leadership strengthening. Seminars have been given on five continents and continue to be offered nationally and internationally. Past projects include WHO training for 19 countries, and trainings for health and healthcare professional groups and organizations throughout the world.

Stores Take a Stand for Community Health (2016)

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E-Guide to Developing a Community Outreach Network to Motivate Smokers to Quit after Discharge from Clinics or Hospitals (2013)

Many smokers are readmitted into clinics and hospitals because they are not referred to smoking cessation programs after they are discharged. Post-...

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Capacity Building & Training

With diverse public health programs spanning the globe, PHI understands how strong leadership and organizational management can enhance the success...

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Coalition & Network Building

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Heart Disease

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Law & Policy

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Leadership Development

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Nutrition & Diet

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Obesity Prevention

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Physical Activity

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Public Policy Advocacy

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