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Francine Coeytaux, MPH

Francine Coeytaux, MPH, is a founder of the Pacific Institute for Women's Health and a co-founder of the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research. She is a women's health advocate and public health specialist with extensive experience in developing and evaluating reproductive health programs. Coeytaux is best known for her work on new reproductive technologies, including emergency contraception, medical abortifacients and microbicides.

Previously, she was an associate at the Population Council in New York, responsible for developing the Council's reproductive health activities in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the World Bank and sits on the board of directors of WomanCare Global (North Carolina); Women's Dignity (Tanzania); and the Center for Genetics and Society (California).

Coeytaux was a founding member of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project and contributed to creating Planned Parenthood's first adolescent outreach programs in San Francisco. Most recently, she served on the state of California's Advisory Committee on Human Cloning.

Coeytaux is a French and American citizen and has considerable work experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. She has a BA from Stanford University and an MPH from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Reproductive Health & Justice in the Bio-Tech Age

The Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research (PCARR) will continue its work at the intersection of women's health and rights and human biotechnology. PCARR will: 1) partner with the Center for Genetics and Society; 2) develop a National ART Working Group; and 3) educate about the risks of multiple egg extraction, the implications of gene patents and larger issues related to the commercialization and ownership of genetic material.

Dissemination Implementation Plan of Case-Studies on Misoprostol for PPH and Magnesium Sulfate for Eclampsia

PHI will prepare and implement a dissemination plan to share Case Studies on Misoprostol for PPH and Magnesium Sulfate for Eclampsia for the MacArthur Foundation.

Reducing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Kenya and Tanzania through the Correct Use of Misoprostol

This initiative will improve women's health by enhancing the capacity of leaders from diverse community-based organizations in Kenya and Tanzania to provide the most up-to-date information about the correct uses of Misoprostol, and support them in developing concrete strategies and proposals to empower women to access safe and effective use of Misoprostol within their communities.

Reproductive Health & Justice in the Bio-Tech Age

The Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research works to raise awareness and develop advocacy strategies on emerging human biotechnologies in the reproductive rights arena through educating women's health advocates, reproductive rights and justice advocates, and policymakers.

Facilitating women’s access to misoprostol through community-based advocacy in Kenya and Tanzania (2014)

The objective of this initiative was to explore the feasibility of educating communities about gynecologic uses for misoprostol at the communi...

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Assisted Reproduction and Choice in the Biotech Age: Recommendations for a Way Forward (2011)

Over the past several decades, millions of people have used new reproductive technologies in their quest for biologically related children. Access ...

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Reproductive & Sexual Health

Giving women control over their childbearing and reproductive health gives them control over their lives. Policies and programs that support girls ...

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