November 6, 2017


UPDATE: Last week, in a vote of 242-174, the House passed the Championing Healthy Kids Act (HR 3922) to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and extend funding for Community Health Centers (CHCs). The bill included $6.35 billion in cuts to the Prevention and Public Health Fund, including a $400 million cut in FY19.

We are disappointed as any cuts would impact health and wellness programs across the country. The final roll call vote is here:

The bill now heads to the Senate, which already has its own bipartisan version of a bill to reauthorize CHIP and CHCs but it does not include offsets. We are hopeful the Senate will keep the Prevention Fund out of their bill, as last week 22 Senators signed a letter to senate leadership opposing cuts to the Prevention and Public Health Fund. However the more this bill gets delayed the higher chance it has of ending up in an end-of-the-year funding package, which could also include cuts to the Prevention Fund. We’ll keep you informed as things move forward.

Here's what you can do:

More information on the Championing Healthy Kids Act 

Making sure everyone has access to good health should be something we all agree on. Last week, the House took a critical vote, and health loses, no matter what. That's because the Championing Healthy Kids Act pits two really important health provisions against each other. House members are trying to take away 75% of the Prevention and Public Health Fund in order to fund community health centers. But we need both.

The Championing Healthy Kids Act would cut the Prevention and Public Health Fund by $10.5 billion. That's $10.5 billion that wouldn't get spent on vaccinations, chronic disease prevention or infectious disease detection and prevention.

The truth is, funds for public health and health programs have been eroded slowly, year after year. And with access to healthcare still under threat, we need to keep every penny we have invested in the programs we all depend on to keep us safe and healthy.