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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Disability Issues

PHI50 Videos (2014)

In honor of our 50th anniversary in 2014, PHI created a series of videos that looked back at what public health has accomplished in the last half c...

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Fact Sheet: Highlights from the Remote Patient Monitoring Position Paper (2010)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies have been shown to be effective in helping to manage chronic disease, postacute care, and monitoring t...

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Fact Sheet: Highlights of the Assistive Technologies for Functional Improvement Technology Review (2010)

As individuals get older, they experience functional limitations associated with disabilities. Assistive technologies help persons with disabi...

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Grantee Profile: Caring Choices: A Catalyst for Medication Management Innovation (2010)

Diffusion of innovations is essentially a social process. Early adopters, such as Caring Choices, actively seek out innovative solutions to real-wo...

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Organizational Adoption: Implementing New Technologies to Optimize Medication Use Among Older Adults (2010)

In 2010, five health services organizations—American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation, Caring Choices, Connecticut Pharmacists Fo...

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Position Paper: Technologies for Improving Post-Acute Care Transitions (Discussion Draft) (2010)

The recent focus on improving post-acute care transitions (the process by which a patient moves from hospital to home or other settings) is being d...

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Position Paper: Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring for Older Adults (2010)

A majority of older adults are challenged by chronic and acute illnesses and/or injuries. Eight out of ten older Americans are living with the heal...

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Technology Review: Assistive Technologies for Functional Improvement (Discussion Draft) (2010)

Created by PHI's Center for Technology and Aging, this technology review focuses on assistive technologies that help older adults with physical...

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The ADOPT Model: Accelerating Diffusion of Proven Technologies for Older Adults (2010)

The growing older adult population faces unprecedented health challenges. Home and community-based technologies have proven to be an effective way ...

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Aging Well Case Studies: Rochester: Riding High: Transit Agency's Public-Private Partnerships Improve Service and Increase Revenue (2009)

This is a case study of a Rochester, New York, transit agency's public-private partnerships to improve service, particularly for olde...

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PHI's Work on Disability Issues: Examples of Impact

This overview summarizes PHI's work on disability issues — one of PHI's focus areas — and highlights concre...

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Working together: Policy Systems & Environmental Change for Community Health

Through its over 700 staff, 200 projects and 100 principal investigators, the Public Health Institute addresses emerging public health issues and s...

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