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A Physician’s Guide to Climate Change, Health and Equity

2016 | Read the Guide.

Physicians are trusted in their communities on issues of health and wellness, which makes them invaluable messengers when it comes to helping individuals understand and act on climate change. 

A Physician’s Guide to Climate Change, Health and Equity explores the complex and multifaceted connections between climate change and health, its disproportionate burdens and the impacts on health equity, and opportunities for solutions.

Produced by PHI’s Center for Climate Change and Health and in partnership with the California Medical Association Foundation, the Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations and the National Medical Association, the guide strengthens and informs the physician voice on climate change, health and equity.

With concrete facts divided by topic areas, the new guide helps physicians understand:

  • The basics of climate change
  • Health equity and physician experiences with these issues
  • A deeper into specific climate change and health impacts
  • Co-benefit solutions
  • It also includes special focus topics, such as how climate change affects children, pregnant women and workers, and migration and conflict

The Guide is not designed to be read and absorbed all at once, but should be viewed as a resource that you can use to prepare for media interviews, visits with legislators or policymakers, news media articles, or presentations such as Grand Rounds, conferences, community talks and more.

Read the full report or access individual chapters.