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A Place to Grow: Nutritious food, better health, stronger communities

2012 | Download

Obesity and diet-related chronic diseases have become severe economic and health threats to both adults and children, increasing the cost of health care and impacting quality of life for families and communities. Changing eating habits, adopting healthy behaviors, and understanding the influence of the environment on obesity rates is critical to reversing these negative trends. However, access to healthy foods is still a barrier to adopting healthier life styles for low-income Californians. The Network for a Health California (Network) offers solutions to this problem with effective approaches to nutrition education and obesity prevention.

A Place to Grow, explores some of these answers, looking at nine nutrition education projects funded by the Network through the Local Food and Nutrition Education (LFNE) Channel. These projects are examples of innovative, community-based approaches to reach specific low-income individuals and families.

A Place to Grow looks at the role of community engagement as a vehicle to empower people and produce sustainable improvements in community and individual health. The purpose of this book is to share lessons, models, tools, and best practices with others who share an interest in creating healthier places.