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Aging Well in Communities: A Toolkit for Planning, Engagement & Action

2009 | Download

This toolkit gives local governments the resources they need to successfully plan for people to age well in their communities.

Through its work with communities around California, PHI's Center for Civic Partnerships has identified two critical success factors for local governments embarking on aging well planning efforts:

  • Planning for aging well requires commitment and participation from all affected sectors in the community, not just local government. It cannot be an isolated activity.
  • Communities should get started sooner rather than later. They should be proactive rather than reactive. In the long run, good planning will save your community time, money, and resources.

Gathering information from diverse stake-holders is an important part of any aging well planning process. Aging Well in Communities: A Toolkit for Planning, Engagement & Action presents guides to three key activities:

  • Conducting Aging Well Resident Surveys
  • Conducting Aging Well Public Forums
  • Conducting Aging Well Focus Groups

Each guide contains specific instructions, examples, checklists, and resources. While each activity is unique, they are built from a common foundation that includes:

  • Understanding how planning for aging well in the community is different from other planning efforts
  • Deciding what role local government should play
  • Forming a broad-based, representative planning committee
  • Choosing language that will attract boomers and engage them in your effort
  • Developing cultural competence
  • Gathering data from your community
  • Reporting and using your results

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