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Food Marketing in the Digital Age: A Conceptual Framework and Agenda for Research

2011 | Download

Digital techniques are quickly evolving and unprecedentedly immersive. To assess the best ways to understand these new media effects, PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) convened a group of scholars to develop a conceptual framework for understanding the impact of the digital practices on food and beverage consumption among children and youth and a research agenda to guide future studies of that impact.

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This report presents a brief summary of the conceptual framework for understanding digital marketing and its role in promoting unhealthy food and beverages to children.

  • It first provide a brief snapshot of key concepts of digital marketing and their implications for young people’s health.
  • Next, it outlines the challenges these concepts raise for researchers, and highlight relevant theoretical models for understanding how the new framework acts on children and youth; we also identify crucial gaps in our knowledge.
  • Finally, the report offers an agenda for future studies that can help us better understand the new marketing paradigm and support evidence-based policymaking.