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Life and Death from Unnatural Causes: Executive Summary

2008 | Download

Health and social inequity in Alameda County

Certain groups of people in Alameda County are getting sick and dying prematurely from “unnatural causes.” In Alameda County, access to proven health protective resources like clean air, healthy food, and recreational space, as well as opportunities for high quality education, living wage employment, and decent housing, is highly dependent on the neighborhood in which one lives. These inequities cluster and accumulate over people’s lives and over time successfully conspire to diminish the ultimate quality and length of life in these neighborhoods.

This executive summary outlines the health disparities found in Alameda County by neighborhood, income level, and race/ethnicity as well as the links between these disparities and existing economic and social inequities. It suggests goals and cross-sectoral policies that can lessen the inequities in the county.

Download the excutive summary.

This executive summary was produced by The Alameda County Public Health Department and was reviewed by many leading health equity experts including Robert Prentice with PHI's Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative.