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Principles for Building Healthy and Prosperous Communities

2019 | See the Principles.

For work across sectors in low-income communities to improve health and wellbeing

Image: List of Principles for Building Healthy and Prosperous CommunitiesFrom their unique position as a national convener at the intersection of community development and health, PHI's Build Healthy Places Network developed these Principles to articulate shared values across sectors and lift up best practices.

See the Principles.

The Principles are designed to frame and guide efforts across sectors working toward achieving an equitable future where fair opportunity is an outcome for all. They are derived from a thematic review of mission statements and principles from 35 organizations representing the community development, health, academic, government, finance, and philanthropic sectors. More than 200 respondents provided over 1,800 comments which helped refine the Principles (read the full history of how these were written).

Read Dr. Douglas Jutte’s introduction to these Principles.