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The California Healthy Places Index

2018 | See the tool.

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI), a resource developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, is a powerful new tool that can be used to explore community conditions that predict life expectancy, compare and rank scores at multiple geographies, and learn about concrete and actionable policy solutions.

While it is well documented that social determinants of health have an enormous impact on overall health outcomes, few resources have been available for health care professionals to evaluate local factors correlated to life expectancy and explore the community conditions where their patients live - until now.

Visit the HPI.

The HPI map boasts robust features, allowing users to: view and compare HPI scores and community conditions across multiple geographies; prepare detailed reports with score dashboards, map snapshots, and policy actions; pool HPI data into custom geographies; and more. The tool is highly interactive and customizable, and even includes policy solutions to help turn information into action.


California Healthy Places Index


“The wealth of data that HPI puts at people’s fingertips is extraordinary. From its well-researched asset-based frame of conditions that shape our health, to its depth of detail with granular data, to its accessibility of policy solutions, the Index should be the first stop for everyone working to improve health in California,” said PHI President & CEO Mary A. Pittman, DrPH.

About The Public Health Alliance of Southern California

PHI's Public Health Alliance of Southern California is a collaboration of leaders from Southern California local health departments, which are statutorily responsible for the health of over half of California’s population. Current priority initiatives include multidisciplinary collaborations advancing transportation; food environments; and healthy community data indicators.