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The SCAN Foundation Summit: Enhancing Social Action for Older Adults through Technology

2010 | Download

As the information and communications technology landscape continues its rapid expansion and evolution, the use of social media technology for social action represents an exciting opportunity. This is particularly true for older adults, a population that has traditionally lacked the strong voice and grassroots organizing that now technology can help facilitate. 

At the 2010 SCAN Foundation Technology Summit, “Enhancing Social action for Older Adults Through Technology,” expert panelists discussed numerous examples of technology currently being used for a number of applications, from managing health to raising political awareness on issues to creating videos that capture stories about a community.

The expert panel conversation focused on technology’s potential for social action, and challenges and opportunity areas for organizations and funders interested in furthering its use for social action. This report contains a summary of the panel content, opportunity areas for the SCAN Foundation, and five case studies on successful use of technology for social action. 

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The 2010 Technology Summit convened a panel of experts in the fields of technology, aging services, and social action to identify the best ways for technology to facilitate social action for older adults, strategies for the implementation of technology in conducting advocacy, examples of successful technology applications for social action, and emerging trends in the area. This event was organized by PHI's Center for Technology and Aging, a grantee organization of the SCAN Foundation that is devoted to the diffusion of technology to help older adults live independently.