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Youth to Watch: Making Healthier Communities

2010 | Download

All across California, young people are living the reality of their environment every day. Youth engaged in reducing the disparities and inequities they see bring tremendous insight, strength, and dedication to the work of creating healthier environments. They hear the voice of their communities, and they have developed and implemented innovative solutions that bring about real change.

Read the brief from CANFIT, the California Center for Civil Partnerships, and PHI's Partnership for the Public's Health

In the work that we do, we support and empower youth to seek long-lasting environmental and political change that contributes to the greater health of our society. We connect youth to policymakers, and we recognize that their engagement strengthens the democratic process.

The eight youth we profile here represent multiple initiatives and organizations throughout the state of California, working to improve access to healthy foods and physical activity. They are a few of the many young people taking an active role in bringing about positive change. 

This publication highlights some of their amazing work. You will find:

  • A profile of each youth leader.
  • Sidebars (Get Involved) offering ways to get involved or learn more.

Join these young leaders as they advocate for change. They seek our engagement, along with other teens, parents and neighbors, community leaders and legislators. Together, we can make a difference in the health of California.

Download the brief.