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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Health Care Reform

Meeting the Demand for Health: Final Report from the California Future Health Workforce Commission (2019)

California’s health system is facing a crisis, with rising costs and millions of Californians struggling to access the care they need. This g...

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State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Program Policies (2019)

The updated Fall 2019 version of “State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies” from PHI's Center for Connected Health Pol...

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Vermont Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) Peer Learning Lab Report (2017)

The state of Vermont has a long history of investing in the health of its population. With a $45 million federal State Innovation Model (SIM) grant...

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Advancing the Health of Communities and Populations: A Vital Direction for Health and Health Care (2016)

We have a long way to go to strengthen the public health system to provide adequate protection for communities. Dollar for dollar our health care e...

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Public Health Data Solutions Overview (2012)

Data is the foundation of sound decision making, especially when tackling complex health issues. Organizations have literally hundreds of thousands...

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Schedule H and Hospital Community Benefit—Opportunities and Challenges for the States (2012)

This brief, co-authored by PHI Senior Investigator Kevin Barnett, discusses key federal community benefit reporting requirements developed by the I...

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Almost One-Quarter of California Nonelderly Women Uninsured in 2009 (2011)

This policy brief examines the health insurance coverage of nonelderly women in the state, ages 18-64, highlighting the demographic groups most at ...

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Health Reform and Local Health Departments: Opportunities for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010)

A number of forces are reshaping local public health systems including state and national health reform debates and legislation, the economy, natio...

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