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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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2019 Training Catalog: PHI's Center for Wellness and Nutrition (2019)

Are you looking to bolster your public health efforts and empower people to eat healthier foods, engage in physical activity, and create safer envi...

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Measurement Across Sectors: Common Indicators for the Social Determinants of Health (2019)

In this academic article published in Social Science and Medicine – Population Health, PHI's Build Healthy Places Network explores w...

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California’s Green Chemistry Initiative at Age 10: An Evaluation of Its Progress and Promise (2018)

Download the report In 2008, the California legislature enacted two groundbreaking laws collec...

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Guidebook for Developing a Community Air Monitoring Network (2018)

Download the guidebook Air pollution is a major threat to human health worldwide, and communit...

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Green Light: A Correlation of Cancer Survivorship and Insurance Coverage in California Counties (2017)

With healthcare and access to health insurance again garnering intense political attention in Congress across the country, and in California, PHI&#...

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Public Health Data Solutions Overview (2012)

Data is the foundation of sound decision making, especially when tackling complex health issues. Organizations have literally hundreds of thousands...

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Multisectoral Lessons from Healthy Communities (2010)

The healthy communities movement can provide insight into population health efforts in the United States, particularly in the context of recent hea...

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Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Patients with Stage III Colon Cancer: Results from a CDC-NPCR Patterns of Care Study (2009)

This study evaluates adjuvant chemotherapy use for Stage III colon cancer, reviewing the treatment of patients with surgically treated stage III co...

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Beyond the Numerical Tally: Quality and Stewardship in Community Benefit (2009)

Uniform Standards and Lessons from the Advancing the State of the Art in Community Benefit Demonstration Nonprofit hospitals can play an import...

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Case Studies: Eliminating Electrolyte Replacement Beverages in California Public Schools (2009)

In 2005, California passed some of the most stringent state legislation in the nation that set limits on the types of competitive foods and beverag...

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Chevron and Jhpiego Working in Partnership to Improve Health in Indonesia (2009)

Re-establishing and Sustaining Reproductive Health Care in Aceh after the Tsunami A partnership between Chevron and Jhpiego, an international h...

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Evaluation Findings on Community Participation in the California Healthy Cities and Communities Program (2009)

As part of an evaluation of the California Healthy Cities and Communities (CHCC) program, the authors of this article examined resident involvement...

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Parents in Action! Training Curriculum Evaluation (2009)

Parents can play a role in developing and ensuring the full implementation of their local school wellness policies (LSWP). Yet, for the most part, ...

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Physical Activity and Physical Education in California Schools (2009)

A Survey of District/County Office of Education Perceptions and Practices Schools play an important role in influencing student physical a...

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Reducing Competitive Foods and Beverages in California Public Schools: Five Case Studies (2009)

Competitive foods and beverages are those items sold or provided in schools that are not part of the National School Lunch Program. This usually me...

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Brief: Research Implications School Wellness, Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation (2008)

A research brief about the research implications for state school boards association leaders.

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School Wellness Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (2008)

Perceptions, barriers, and opportunities among school board members, state school boards associations, school wellness advocates, state public heal...

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School Wellness Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation: Research Implications for School Board Members (2008)

Studies have provided evidence that poor nutrition and limited physical activity among today’s children and youth can negatively impact their...

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