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COVID-19: Addressing Discrimination & Racism (2020)

Equity Subcommittee: Local Health Department Support Guidance Revised 3/9/2020 In response to a rise in reports of racism and discriminatio...

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The Four Ps of Marketing: Selling Junk Food to Communities of Color (2019)

The 4 Ps—place, price, product, and promotion—form the foundation of today’s marketing practices. However, food and beverage mark...

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Advancing Health Equity Awards, 2017: Highlighting innovative health equity practice in California public health departments (2018)

We know that the places where we live, learn, work, and play not only influence health outcomes, but that they do so even more than medicine or gen...

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From “Bad Apples” to Broken Systems: How Richmond Residents Rewrote the Narrative on the Formerly Incarcerated (2018)

Ask anyone involved with efforts to help reintegrate formerly incarcerated residents in Richmond, California, and one of the first things they'...

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Trauma, Resilience, and #BlackLivesMatter: How do Racism and Trauma Intersect in Social Media Conversations? (2018)

How are racism and childhood trauma are being discussed, together and separately? One place where conversations about both issues are happening is ...

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Importance of Alcohol-Programming Outreach to Women of Color (2014)

Very few national studies have examined racial and ethnic disparities in utilization of alcohol services. Little is known about whether racial and ...

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Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities Among Women in California (2014)

At a time when California is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever, nearly twice as many of the state’s women of color, as a group, ...

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Majority of Young Children in California Eat Fast Food Regularly but Drink Less Soda (2013)

Despite steady declines in soda consumption, 60 percent of children between two and five years of age continue to eat fast food at least ...

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Disparities in Prevalence of Obesity among California Women, 2007 (2010)

This is a brief that provides an overview of the results of the 2007 California Women's Health Survey. The survey asked 4,667 nonpregnant women...

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Local Health Department Organizational Self-Assessment for Addressing Health Inequities (2010)

TOOLKIT AND GUIDE TO IMPLEMENTATION The Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII), a collaboration of the eleven public health de...

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Nearly Four Million California Adults Are Victims of Intimate Partner Violence (2010)

The California Health Interview Survey asked adults ages 18 to 65 a series of questions to identify persons who have experienced intimate partner v...

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New Partnerships for Healthier Neighborhoods: Bringing Public Health and Redevelopment Together (2010)

The built environment—the physical structures that make up the areas where we live, work, and play—has a profound effect on our health....

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Confronting the Social Determinants of Health Inequities: Rethinking Public Health (2009)

Created by PHI's Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative, this presentation explores the social determinants of health inequities and re...

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Moving from Them to Us: Challenges in Reframing Violence among Youth (2009)

How have youth and violence have been framed in the news? How has the issue of race complicated depictions of youth and violence? How do public att...

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Parents in Action! Training Curriculum Evaluation (2009)

Parents can play a role in developing and ensuring the full implementation of their local school wellness policies (LSWP). Yet, for the most part, ...

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Adolescent Preventive Services: Rates and Disparities in Preventive Health Topics Covered During Routine Medical Care in a California Sample (2008)

This article examines rates and disparities in preventive health topics covered during routine medical care for adolescents. Utilizing 2003 Califor...

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From the Mouths of Leaders: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities to Increase Health Professions Workforce Diversity in California (2008)

The Connecting the Dots Initiative: A Comprehensive Approach to Increase Health Professions Workforce Diversity in California This report is on...

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Health Inequities in the Bay Area (2008)

The odds of being healthy can depend very much on which community you live in. People who live in West Oakland, for example, can expect to liv...

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Increasing the Diversity of the Health Professions K-12 Networks of Support (2008)

The Connecting the Dots Initiative: A Comprehensive Approach to Increase Health Professions Workforce Diversity in California As the population...

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Life and Death from Unnatural Causes: Executive Summary (2008)

Health and social inequity in Alameda County Certain groups of people in Alameda County are getting sick and dying prematurely from “unna...

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Minority Faculty Voices on Diversity in Academic Medicine: Perspectives From One School (2008)

Purpose To examine the perceptions and experiences of ethnic minority faculty at University of California–San Francisco regarding racial a...

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Prevalence of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Physical Activity by Gender and Race/Ethnicity - California, 2005-2006 (2008)

Diets high in fruits and vegetables and participation in regular physical activity are associated with a lower risk for several chronic diseases an...

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Working together: Policy Systems & Environmental Change for Community Health

Through its over 700 staff, 200 projects and 100 principal investigators, the Public Health Institute addresses emerging public health issues and s...

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