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Social Determinants of Health

Financial Literacy Summit Panel Discussion: Bridging the Gender Gap (2017)

How does equal access to financial education tools and resources change by region? Which demographic is most at risk for not having equal access to...

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Concept Paper: The California Alliance for Funding Prevention (2016)

The California Alliance for Funding Prevention was convened in May 2015 by the Public Health Institute and partners to advocate for sustainable fun...

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Connecting the Capital (Web Forum Series) (2016)

Financial capital is a critical component of creating healthier, equitable communities, in California. At a time when public and philanthropic reso...

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Interactive Digital Primer: Adverse Childhood Experiences across California (2016)

Recognizing that the long-lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), public health organizations around the country are beginning to ...

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PHI's Linda Rudolph on "Climate One: Health Hazards of One Degree" (2016)

Global warming is hitting closer to home than we think, from a neighborhood child gasping with asthma to a parent collapsing from heatstroke. These...

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Summarizing the Landscape of Healthy Communities: A Review of Demonstration Programs Working Towards Health Equity (2016)

Produced by a collaboration between PHI's Build Healthy Places Network and the Colorado Health Foundation, this report explores existing effort...

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Advancing Health Equity: Case Studies of Health Equity Practice in Four Award-Winning California Health Departments (2015)

Download the case studies.  Call any local health department in the United States and, chances are, you won't have much trouble findin...

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Climate Change, Health, and Equity: Opportunities for Action (2015)

  Climate change and health inequities are the greatest global health threats of the 21st century. In this report, PHI's Center for Cl...

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Community Close-Ups (2015)

Frequently, the neighborhoods where many residents grappling with poor health are the very same places where many people are living in poverty. And...

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Jargon Buster: Community Development and Public Health (2015)

The Jargon Buster, a new tool from PHI's Build Healthy Places Network, aims to demystify common industry jargon—and in doing so, bri...

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Making the Case for Linking Community Development and Health (2015)

A resource for those working to improve low-income communities and the lives of the people living in them For years, community development...

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MeasureUp (2015)

Looking for help measuring and communicating the impact of your work in local communities? Explore MeasureUp, a new, curated portal from ...

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The 2015 California Food Policy Council Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming (2015)

The 2015 CAFPC Report on Legislation Related to Food and Farming, released by the California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) and Ro...

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Working Together: Building Health in All Policies Partnerships (2015)

The Public Health Institute's Health in All Policies team has been a national and international leader in building the Health in All Policies m...

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Low-Income Californians with Access to Produce in Their Home, School, Work, and Community Environments Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (2013)

With fruit and vegetable intake being a clear indicator of eating healthy foods, having adequate access to quality and affordable fruits and vegeta...

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2010 California Adolescent Health Progress Report (2010)

This compilation of data presents a multi-year progress report on the health of CalIfornia's adolescents and young adults. Designed for pro...

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Local Health Department Organizational Self-Assessment for Addressing Health Inequities (2010)

TOOLKIT AND GUIDE TO IMPLEMENTATION The Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII), a collaboration of the eleven public health de...

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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Gaining Momentum and Promise (2010)

In this editorial, MPT SRH leaders extoll the benefits of about the multipurpose prevention technologies for sexual and reproductive health and pro...

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Multisectoral Lessons from Healthy Communities (2010)

The healthy communities movement can provide insight into population health efforts in the United States, particularly in the context of recent hea...

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New Partnerships for Healthier Neighborhoods: Bringing Public Health and Redevelopment Together (2010)

The built environment—the physical structures that make up the areas where we live, work, and play—has a profound effect on our health....

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Partners for Public Health: Working with Local, State, and Federal Agencies to Create Healthier Communities (2010)

The way our neighborhoods are designed has a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. A physical environment that promotes health—with af...

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Asthma in California (2009)

Having asthma makes it hard for many of California’s children to live, learn, and play. Asthma is the most common chronic disease in the U.S....

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No Time for Complacency: Sexual Health Needs of California’s Foster and Transitioning Youth (2009)

Foster and transitioning youth face substantial sexual and reproductive health challenges, but all youth should have one or more trusted adults wit...

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Health Inequities in the Bay Area (2008)

The odds of being healthy can depend very much on which community you live in. People who live in West Oakland, for example, can expect to liv...

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