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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Workforce Development

Employment Opportunities and Experiences among Recent Master’s-Level Global Health Graduates (2019)

Objectives: To examine the job search, employment experiences, and job availability of recent global health-focused master’s level graduates....

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Meeting the Demand for Health: Final Report from the California Future Health Workforce Commission (2019)

California’s health system is facing a crisis, with rising costs and millions of Californians struggling to access the care they need. This g...

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Guidebook for Developing a Community Air Monitoring Network (2018)

Download the guidebook Air pollution is a major threat to human health worldwide, and communit...

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Policy Leadership for Health Care Transformation: Formalizing our Commitment to Communities (2018)

Download the report   A growing number of hospital and health system l...

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Global Health Pathways: Webinar Series (Recordings) (2017)

Interested in being part of combating a disease such as the Zika virus or even Ebola? Want to be part of reducing health disparities around the wor...

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Survey of Recent Global Health Graduates: At A Glance (2017)

An ongoing discussion within American academic institutions and employers has raised concerns with an over supply of graduates in the field of glob...

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Healthy Employees, Healthy Business: The Value of a Healthy Workplace (2016)

The Public Health Institute’s Center for Wellness and Nutrition is a national leader in developing campaigns, programs and partnerships to re...

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Horizon 2030: Meeting California’s Primary Care Workforce Needs (2016)

Help spread the word with a tweet: How can we address CA's primary care workforce shortage & improve health? New report: http://bit.ly...

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The PHI/GHFP-II Employers’ Study: The hidden barriers between domestic and global health careers and crucial competencies for success (2016)

The process of preparing professionals for global health work has fallen behind emerging realities, including globalization, ever-evolving technolo...

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Build Your Best Global Health Resume (2015)

What does your resume say to a global health employer? Watch the Google Hangout recording from PHI's Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) ...

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Closing the Gaps in Global Health Professionals' Education (2015)

In 2015, PHI's Global Health Fellows Program II (GHFP-II) surveyed 49 global health project directors about hiring practices and non-...

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Community Health Workers in California: Sharpening Our Focus on Strategies to Expand Engagement (2015)

In Community Health Workers in California: Sharpening Our Focus on Strategies to Expand Engagement, PHI’s California Health Workforce Allianc...

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Report Calls for Expanded Use of Community Health Workers as Health Reform Increases Need for Care (2014)

The time has come to bring community health workers (CHWs) and promotores “into the mainstream of the US health care system,” states th...

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Taking Innovation to Scale: Community Health Workers, Promotores, and the Triple Aim (2013)

This brief report provides an overview of preliminary findings, observations and recommendations from PHI's California Health Workforce Allianc...

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Fact Sheets: Let's Move California After School (2009)

After school programs are the perfect time and the place to ensure that youth are fit, healthy, and ready to learn.  These fact sheets, cr...

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From the Mouths of Leaders: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities to Increase Health Professions Workforce Diversity in California (2008)

The Connecting the Dots Initiative: A Comprehensive Approach to Increase Health Professions Workforce Diversity in California This report is on...

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Increasing the Diversity of the Health Professions K-12 Networks of Support (2008)

The Connecting the Dots Initiative: A Comprehensive Approach to Increase Health Professions Workforce Diversity in California As the population...

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Working together: Policy Systems & Environmental Change for Community Health

Through its over 700 staff, 200 projects and 100 principal investigators, the Public Health Institute addresses emerging public health issues and s...

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