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Curriculum Development

Building up the next generation of public health leaders requires an investment in public health education and experiential learning opportunities. PHI can help you translate public health expertise into a teachable, engaging, and hands-on curriculumdesigned to share your knowledge and skills with a variety of audiences, including social policy researchers, public health communities, medical practitioners, and undergraduate students.

Our experts can help you design and launch a successful, strategic curriculum in many public health topics, such as best practices in obesity prevention, the Affordable Care Act’s impacts to the American healthcare system, and current trends in global health policy. Course curricula development can be geared toward any level, from novice to expert, and can be tailored to in-person or online training formats.

Our expertise includes:

  • Development of materials and course objects: PHI staff can help you to map course objectives, and create engaging workshops and class learning opportunities that are designed to teach public health fundamentals, best practices, and emerging strategies. We can also update course materials to combine existing curricula with emerging topics and approaches. 
  • Technology platforms for interactive learning: Our cutting-edge Dialogue4Health platform and technical assistance team can help you seamlessly organize online classes and trainings. Currently, we've hosted hundreds of online learning opportunities for anywhere from 50 to 1,000 participants.


Resources and Tools


Amy DeLisio

Amy DeLisio, MPH, RD is the director at the Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition (CWN) and has over fourteen years of experien...

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Tomás A. Magaña

Tomás A. Magaña, M.D., M.A., F.A.A.P. founded and directs the FACES for the Future Coalition, and leads national dissemination of the...

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Alcohol Research Group

Established in 1959, the Alcohol Research Group (ARG), a program of the Public Health Institute, conducts and disseminates research on the epidemio...

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Bridge is establishing a culture of evidence-based medicine to treat substance use disorders through an accelerated training program for healthcare...

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California Adolescent Health Collaborative

The California Adolescent Health Collaborative (CAHC) is a public-private statewide coalition with the goal of increasing understanding and support...

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Center for Health Leadership and Practice

Today’s public health challenges are complex and rapidly evolving, and call for an innovative approach to leadership development. The mission...

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Center for Wellness and Nutrition

The Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition recognizes the connections among local community environments, poor diet, physic...

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FACES for the Future Coalition

The FACES for the Future Coalition delivers the highly successful FACES program model to communities seeking to prepare high school students for en...

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PHI Design Center

The PHI Design Center addresses both external and internal design needs related to public health, including, but not limited to: consultation, code...

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Developing the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders

Photo credit: Global Health Fellows Program II, Communications, Outreach, and Diversity

Since 2007, hundreds of public health professionals recruited, placed and supported by PHI’s Global Health Fellows Program I & II have worked around the globe in critical U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) programs in HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal and child health, and more. 

GHFP-II helps USAID foster the next generaton of diverse global health professionals, by supporting and sustaining the efficacy of its current and future health programs. 38% of GHFP-II fellows and interns, working around the world, represent ethnic minorities.

Teaching Social Advocacy in Public Health Programs

PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) helped to create a curriculum and resource guide for public health programs to teach social advocacy, an area of training that degree-granting programs in public health rarely provide.