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Quality Improvement

To solve today's pressing health issues, the public health community must build on our successes by assessing what's working, and creating ever-more impactful programs, policies, and systems to support our work. The Public Health Institute is available to provide quality improvement (QI) services to health departments, health organizations and collaboratives, hospitals, and more. 

Our staff has worked with local and regional health departments on accreditation, performance measurement, and quality improvement activities to develop standardized approaches to agency-wide performance measurement, and build workforce capacity to enable independent quality improvement projects. We also have conducted formal reviews of hospital community benefit programs in order to facilitate the optimal use of limited charitable resources, and provided quality improvement support to telehealth initiatives in efforts to remotely manage the care of chronically ill patients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Organizational QI culture assessment: Our experts will work with your team to gauge baselines, and track growth of your organization’s culture of quality.
  • Public health accreditation readiness: We provide technical assistance in the area public health accreditation readiness including performance management, quality improvement, strategic planning, community health improvement planning, and workforce development. 
  • Training and consultation: We provide ongoing support over a 6 to 12 month period of time, with project team coaching sessions in between training sessions, to guide staff through the entire process of a QI project.
  • Customized quality improvement projects: Contact us about your project and quality improvement needs.


Resources and Tools


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QI On Tap: Quality Improvement Onsite Technical Assistance Program

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Reality Testing for New Core Metrics from the Institute for Medicine

After the Institute of Medicine (IOM) decided to replace over 200 measurements with 15 new core metrics in domain areas, the IOM brought in PHIL to see how the measures would be utilized in real life. PHIL tested the feasibility and utility of these metrics in two California communities to give the IOM essential user feedback.

Funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, PHIL hosted two convenings full of innovative approaches, including “graphic facilitation” that uses images to document and guide the meeting, new models of community input, and the creation of a data visualization tool. These methods both helped the communities to better understand the metrics in their own context, and also provided the IOM with valuable data from users on the ground.

Areas we work in

Chronic Disease