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People with disabilities make valuable contributions to their communities. They have the right to full and unrestricted participation in society. Implementation of the American Disabilities Act (ADA)—which turned 25 in 2015—and new assistive technologies are helping make this a reality.

The Public Health Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities, with a focus on disability policy, civil rights, disability law, employment, health issues, independent living, and assistive technology. We provide information and referral, training, consultation and technical assistance to businesses, governments and the disability community to improve the lives of those with disabilities. PHI develops and tests innovative assistive and instructional technologies, and works to promote better use of existing technologies.

Our expertise includes:

  • Communications and social marketing: We are experts in communicating effectively with the disability communities and employers—disseminating information and the latest updates related to the ADA, accessible technologies, and other news and legislation.
  • Network and coalition building: We can work with you to build partnerships with businesses, state and local officials, employers, health care institutions and others so they understand their rights and responsibilities under the ADA.
  • Training, consultation and technical assistance: Our experts are available to build the capacity of institutions to comply with the ADA and provide for full and unrestricted participation for those with disabilities.


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Dan Gillette

Dan Gillette works at the intersection of design and culture, with a special focus on public health, disability, civic life, education, and healthc...

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Erica Jones

Erica C. Jones is the executive director of the Center on Disability at PHI and has served as director of the Pacific Disability and Business Techn...

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Lewis Kraus

Lewis E. Kraus, MPH, MCP, is the deputy director of the Center on Disability at PHI and the DBTAC: Pacific ADA Center. Kraus is also the direct...

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Center on Disability

The Center on Disability at the Public Health Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities with a focus on disability ...

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Pacific ADA Center

The Pacific ADA Center works to build a partnership between the disability and business communities and to promote full and unrestricted participat...

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PHI Design Center

The PHI Design Center addresses both external and internal design needs related to public health, including, but not limited to: consultation, code...

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Here's How We're Making a Difference

Ensuring ADA Compliance

PHI's Pacific ADA Center provides over 37,000 technical assistance consultations annually to public and private stakeholders in the western U.S. on ADA compliance. The Center has also trained thousands of public and private sector hiring managers and supervisors on disability awareness and reasonable accommodation options for disabled employees, which has increased hiring and retention of individuals with disabilities.

After consulting with the Pacific ADA Center, a corporation that operates tens of thousands of chain restaurants changed its national policy so that customers with disabilities no longer encountered accessibility barriers such as narrow doorways and restricted space in dining areas.